Professional Training


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 Professional training center infrastructure capacity

a)- Human resources

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PTC has a large training capacity utilizing academic ability of about 800full-time faculty members of SBU, along with about 900 experienced visiting lecturers from industry. This unique combination of knowledge and experience is the main factor of success in delivering high volume professional training with outstanding quality.
PTC’s main prominence in training activities is having a capacity of about 800 faculty members and teaching staff from 27 different university departments and research centers and more than 900 visiting lecturers from industry.
Short-term professional training requires a very special and developed training structure. Professional training center of SBU with more than five decades of experience designed according to this educational activity. The Center is under the supervision of university president and the center’s policies are codified at the Supreme council of professional training center. The relation of the center and other university sectors and the organization chart of the center are shown by the top-chart presented in Figure 1

1: Organization chart of Professional Training Center

As it is clear, the organizational structure, independent of the usual educational structure of any university accelerates the activities while maintaining the quality.

b)- Processes:

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Successful design and implementation of short-term professional training requires accurate educational process, which is appropriate with the training itself. For this purpose, the whole educational processes from admitting the audience till issuing the certifications are performed under a precise interconnected routine. The entire processes have specific guidelines for short-term training, which run at the computer center to enhance their speed and accuracy. All of these systems and Web-based access to information allow the corporate training authorities to enter the process when is needed.
Rules and training regulations are legislated as while issued certification are approved by upstream organizations including the Ministry of Energy, vice-presidency for management and human capital development and so on.

Figure 2: The professional training center web-based system

Figure 2 presents the professional training center web-based systems and services provided by them.
Acceptance instructions as well as guidelines to evaluate the effectiveness are presented in the Annex to this report.
E-Learning System,(comprehensive system of distance education-Sajjad) has been designed to teach busy people, including business leaders, and is one of the leading providers of distance learning offering  LMS, LCMS, RTCS-CMS components.

c)- Educational infrastructure

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A unique collection of educational facilities and teaching aids on the main site of professional training center are assigned to short courses which is completely separated from the university student facilities. This provides a great learning environment as while it creates constructive educational ambience.
This infrastructure includes:
·        70 classrooms equipped with teaching aids specified for short-term courses
·        More than 200 educational-research labs at SBU and Abbaspour School of Engineering
·        Proper accommodation facilities with the capacity of more than 680 people at a time
·        Sport facilities such as pool, sauna, soccer field, gym etc.
·        Cultural facilities
·        Restaurant with capacity of 300 people

d)-PTC Agancies

 To provide better facilities for personnel of companies in Tehran and other provinces, the professional training center has offices in different areas of Tehran as well as some provincial capitals as follows:To provide better facilities for personnel of companies in Tehran and other provinces, the professional training center has offices in different areas of Tehran as well as some provincial capitals as follows:

•   The central office (Tehran-Hakimiye)
•   Tehran office at Velenjak
•   Tehran office at North Bahar
•    Tehran office at Ekbatan
•    Hormozgan office (bandarabbas)
•    Khorasan office (Mashhad)
•    Kerman office (kerman)
•    Lorestan office (Khoramabad)
•    Zanjan office (Zanjan)
•    Markazi office (Arak)
•    Mazandaran office (Zirab)
•    Semnan office (Semnan)

e)- Credits

All educational activities of professional training center are based on educational standards. Consequently, all issued certificates are privileged and approved at governmental sectors.
In order to create a common language with industry and to promise standard training services, the center is granted necessary international training and management standards. Some of these credits and standards are:
• Short-term course license issued by the office of non-degree training, Ministry of Science.
• Professional course license for state employees from all governmental sectors issued by Vice-Presidency for Management and Human Capital Development.
• Advanced skills course (ASD) license issued by Technical and Vocational Organization.
• Exchange course license issued by the Securities and Exchange.
Center has received series of ISO standards in Quality Assurance(ISO9001), Occupational Health and Safety Management (ISO18001), Environmental Management(ISO14001) and on top of all, the standard of international workshop agreement of quality management of education and educational support(ISO 29990) and  integrated management system (IMS).

f)-Training Courses:

Professional training center of SBU, as the largest academic center providing short-courses in the country, holds a considerable number of professional courses and workshops every year. Figure 24 and Figure 25 present the statistics of the courses provided by the center for water and power industry from 1997 to  2018.
 It is worth mentioning that in addition to the educational workshops held for water and power industry, other industrial sectors have also benefited the center. Table 1lists some of the courses for oil, gas and petrochemical industry.

Table 1: Some selected courses for oil, gas and petrochemical industry.

                    Project Employer No. of participants
1   Phases 1, 2 and 3 of the South Pars gas field Total (France) 507
2 Phases 4 and 5 of the South Pars gas field AGIP (Italy) 528
3 Phases 6,7 and 8 of the South Pars gas field Iran Petro-pars company 410
4 Phases 9 and 10 of the South Pars gas field South pars gas complex 320
5 Gas company recruitment
Tehran Gas company
Utilization of refineries and NGL facilities at Siri
Commissioning and operation of oil industry

In addition to professional training for various industries inside Iran, the center has been devoted to provide needed training for other counties, especially its neighbors, as well. So far, many workshops for experts from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Oman are designed and implemented.

G)-special facilities :

Main Campus in Tehran in an Area About 650,000 sqm.
-More than 2000 Academic Staff
-About 200 Visiting Instructors from Industry
-More than 100 Labs and Workshops
-Computer Network and Internet Facilities)
-Library and Technical Document Center
-Standard Classrooms and Conference Saloons (3 amphitheater with 500 seats)
-Audio and Video Center
-Sport Facilities (Standard Football Grass Field, Volleyball and Basketball Gym.,Swimming Pool- Fishing and boating, Physical Fitness Gym. Sona and more.)   
2- LANGUAGE  TRAINING  LABORATORY:This laboratory has  capacity of presenting visual and auditoria training to 32 trainees simultaneously :
3- Library and Technical Documents Center:Library area is about 1000 square meter and has 2 journal & magazines saloons and studying rooms. The central library contains 73000 books.
4- AMPHITHEATRES CENTER:It contains 3 equipped saloons that have standard audio and video equipments (500 seats).  
5- Visual & Auditoria Facilities:It has an equipped studio for supplying and copying the training documentary movies. It includes  more than 600 scientific movies.
6- SPORT:Sport facilities includes football grass field, basketball gymnasium, swimming pool and…
7- ACCOMMODATION:Dormitories for degree programs and residences for short course trainees
8- Publication :In publication center there are necessary  facilities for publishing training